About Lyme-N

Lyme-N is an antimicrobial mineral complex that acts against spirochetal organisms, such as those found in arthropod-associated infections. Lyme-N is a liquid formulation that can be nebulized and used as an inhalant. The individual components of Lyme-N are classified by the EPA as having GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status, and are part of a proprietary compound.

Lyme-N disrupts the protein and nucleic acid structures of spirochetes, and is designed and purposed to manage spirochetal infections. It is a bactericide that penetrates the cell wall of microorganisms quickly and delivers lethal effects to spirochetes on contact.

Lyme-N is provided by Largo Bioscience in Largo, FL. Largo Bioscience is a for-profit company and will provide a sample of Lyme-N to individuals who make a research donation to Largo Bioscience via their physicians. Payment is accepted only in the form of a contribution.