Read what people have to say about using Lyme-N.

Hunter has had miraculous results. I am amazed every day at how great he is doing. His personality and health have done a complete transformation. He is happy, silly, energetic, and motivated. He looks us in the eye when we talk to him and has a positive attitude. He is not so completely closed off and ‘stuck in his head’ like he used to be. He said his reading comprehension is greatly improved and he is participating much more in class. Physically, he can get up early and go to school and then work on his car or other project for several hours, run errands and still do other projects in the evening and not be worn out after only a short time. Another major change is that he used to have acne really bad. I had to buy Proactive and keep it in stock or his acne would immediately flare. Now it’s totally GONE, just like that after years of fighting the acne. Amazing. He said his memory is much improved and I can see that. I am sure he has more healing to do, as his brain was in a fog and so severely damaged, but if this is as good as it gets, it’s a MIRACLE! I’ll take it! He has had a few bouts of the ‘cycle’ you have all talked about, where he had episodes of anger or exhaustion and missed a day of school. However, he recovered very quickly, in most cases half a day. It’s been about a month or so since he’s had anything like that and there have only been a few since he finished the Lyme-N."

I started the Lyme-N treatment on the 22nd of May 2015. My symptoms were chronic joint pain in most of my larger joints, mainly my knees, and flu like sick feelings. I have been sick since I was 6 years old. I had been bed bound since January 2015 and was missing my junior year of high school. It is now the 21st of March 2016, treatment ended about nine months ago. I still have joint pain but the pain is much less than it had been. Every month or so i get sick with the same symptoms-loss of appetite, periods of extreme hot and cold, stomach aches, headaches. It only seems to last 2-3 days now. I went back to school in August for my senior year and have only missed 2 days so far this year! I am also participating in a theater production with after school rehearsals. It’s nice to be back! Lyme N has helped a lot, and I hope it will continue to improve in the coming months."